Type- A

If you just lost five-pounds you would be perfect.
Skip dessert and carbs;
Add more cardio to your workout;
No cream.
No sugar.
More water, lots more water.
Forget enjoying a meal,
You need to focus on the thickness
Of your waist and thighs.

If you just changed your hair color, you would be perfect.
Brunette to blonde;
Blonde to red;
Back to brunette, this time with bangs.
Keep it long.
Cut it short.
Pin-up curls or pin-straight,
Either way, but never up.
Your hair would be perfect just so.

If you just wore more makeup, you would be perfect.
The right shade of lipstick;
Thick dark lashes;
Evenly applied liquid eyeliner;
Rouge, blush, bronzer used
To contour and shape.
Not too much,
Less is more.
Just enough to be adored.

All the men in my life say, “If you just…”
They want to help
And know no better.
Improve something so close to perfection
Is really constructive in their estimation.
The flaws show a lack of motivation.
A lack of love;
A lack of hard work and worth;
Respect is rarely paid to a humorless bitch.


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