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1. Stop reading comment sections on articles which you know are only going to make you angry and disappointed in humanity.

2. Stop engaging with said commenters if you do go down and read their Hitler-referencing drivel. Arguing with anonymous trolls will not get you anywhere.

3. Tell people all throughout your life how much they mean to you and how much you love them.

4. Dare to kiss someone first when you want to kiss them, instead of waiting agonizingly for them to make the first move.

5. Start making your own granola when you get a little time to keep in a jar or Ziploc bag for your breakfasts/snacks. Homemade granola offers perhaps one of the best effort to long-lasting deliciousness ratio out there.

6. Pick a physical activity which you don’t absolutely hate, so you can do it regularly. (Or at least find a podcast you love…

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