32 Ways To Make Me Fall In Love With You


Thought Catalog

1. Be good with children. (Or, if you’re not, at least don’t make a sneering comment about how much you hate them every time you see one.)

2. Be unafraid to laugh at yourself.

3. Unexpectedly have similar music to me on your iPod.

4. Treat women with respect, including your ex-girlfriend that you may not be so fond of.

5. Pick up coffee and/or breakfast goodies unexpectedly, as there is no better way to start a day than with something delicious in bed.

6. Take me to a pumpkin patch/corn maze/place where fruits or vegetables grow that we can walk around wearing cardigans and scarves.

7. Let me cuddle on you as we watch scary movies, squeezing perhaps slightly harder than I actually need to.

8. Lend me your sweater with the vague-and-absolutely-correct notion that I will be keeping it.

9. Love seeing me in your sweater.

10. Give…

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