Eating with Emily

AML 3031

The writer as the recluse has become a familiar occurrence to all us literature majors. Emily Dickinson shares this auspicious honor with J.D. Salinger, Harper Lee, and Thomas Pynchon. Those are just the names rattled off from the top of my head without any research! The most casual reader would know these authors as well, at the very least, their seminal tomes. The aforementioned writers are famous, not just for hiding away from society, but also for their literary genius and often groundbreaking works that clearly sprung from very sensitive artists. After group discussion, I started to think about how these reclusive folks spend their day. Reading, researching, sewing, crafting, correspondence, and writing clearly top the list – add in some tears and long looks out of dusty windows for some cinematic flavor, if you wish. I have a hard time believing that Emily Dickinson was locked away feeling sorry…

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