I read too much e. e. cummings

I want it, now.
I want what I want.

If I had strength in my hands –
I’d choke it out of you.

If I had cleverly hidden poison –
I’d slip it into your drink.

If I had the will to delete your number –
I’d unfriend you, too!

You don’t see.
You don’t notice.

You have something I want.
Give it to me.

Don’t fight me.
Or maybe do.

Don’t object.
How could you?

Just dangle your affections,
And lean in too close.

Stare more.
All you do is gaze.

Aren’t you bored?
Just relent.

If I could suck out your youth,
I’d eat it with a spoon.

I want you.
That’s all.

Not your heart.
Or the false promises you sell other girls.

Give it to me, now.


One comment

  1. theeverbrokenarrow · March 24, 2014

    So brutal… And sensual… Love this.

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