Miss November

No one is waiting
England will have to do.

Fear of forever
Has spawned a monster or two.

Read every word,
All the classic books,

Compose a critical response.
Something unique and new

Find an academic voice
Cultivate a scholarly tone.

Be it wrong or right
Formulate and create.

For a million eyes or none –
Grooming for a fantasy.

She needs this more,
To succeed in a murky future,

Hoping not to fuck this up
Better late than never.

Perhaps, she should skip it –
Get out of this pointless occupation.

For an opportunity,
In this booming town,

Now, that she fits in
(Which barely fits at all).

To grow, like, St Pete grows
And be a presence for once.

Miss November is but a fool,
Make no mistake,

She will ruin and shout
And destroy and laugh too hard.

Embarrass and regret and repeat:
A run-on sentence,

Or a monster,
Or nothing at all.


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