Contributor: “Revisit” by Eram Socat

A revisit on the horizon
Forced, traditional, holidays

Who has met with success this round?
Let us tally the results

Oh look; same ol’ same ol’
With a big emphasis on ol’

Don’t get me wrong, I love who I see
For the most part

It’s great to reconnect

This time around, worry filled my veins
Because of the amount of time I was in town

The more time I was available
The more of a chance for interrogation

“Why did you leave us? Are we not good enough?”
“What does your new city have that we don’t?”

“Are you successful yet?”
“Did you get what you were looking for yet?”

Isolation and sleep was preferred
Instead of facing the crows

And then, a funny thing happened
I was caught sideways:

Forgiveness for past misdeeds
Earnest compliments for my adventure

Curiosity at my new experiences
Interest in the world outside

The town was a little different this time
Friends have caught their second wind

They are striving for change now
The attitude is different

I am introduced to some new things this time
New people, new places, new smiles

In this samey little metropolis
That I called home for so long

In the smudged, grimy window to the landscape of my future self
A little rubbing away, a little cleaning

Where once was doomsaying for all involved
A change, a spark

And for the first time in a long time
The sweet satiating panacea

That happiness can be attained
By myself, and for everyone else

So then I wonder: was it me?
Was I the pall holding everyone down?

But no, surprising reassurances abound
Double-blind confirmation

It was in fact time that was the enemy and
It is being defeated

We really were late bloomers all along
Just a little more nudging was needed

We are growing into ourselves
And out of doubt

God damn, we’re actually doing it
Our destination is in sight

And I am okay with waiting to meet you all there next time
To see you again


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