James Byron Addendum

As the law states,
An antique notion really, whereby:
All antiheroes are Romantic.
The push/ pull,
Between mean and keen,
Must be a spark of
Something great, predestined
Or magical.

Moreover the physics are
Distorted when chemistry
Is taken into account;
A Byronic element,
Combustible fuel,
And a dash of mythology.
Measured haphazardly,
Spilling over the side,
Dripping all over the
Eggshells we walk on.

Avoidant and aloof –
He’s just a stranger.
Cool and dismissive –
He’s just an actor.

A karmic contract lay
Between two past lives
Over a thousand years.
Older than the literary
Canon but none the wiser.
The signatures are
Sealed in amber and
To ratify now, well,
That’s no game for amateurs.


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